Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What Did Your Orange County Look Like in '75?

The Happy Ones is set in Garden Grove in 1975. Were you living in Orange County in the 1970s? Help us get into the spirit of the show by digging through your old photos from that era and sending us a digital image of your favorite shot of your family in 1970s OC. We'll compile them in an online slide show you can view on our website.

Please send your photo in JPEG format by Sept. 23. Only one photo per household, please. We will do our best to include every photo we get, if the image quality is high enough. Some photos may end up in a display in our lobby as well.

When you send your photo, please include the names of the people in the shot as well as where and approximately when it was taken.

Looking forward to seeing you in your bellbottoms and leisure suits!

Send Us Your Photo!

Above: Producing Artistic Director David Emmes and Artistic Director Martin Benson are interviewed about the construction of SCR at its current location in 1978.

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