Monday, October 11, 2010

Let’s Toast SCR’s Hip New Playwrights Bar!

SCR's New Lobby Bar

Mark Twain once said, “Sometimes too much to drink is barely enough.” To which we say, “Bottoms up!”

During the off-season, SCR redesigned its lobby bar and expanded its selection. The new Playwrights Bar is now fully stocked with beer, white wine and such premium liquors as Grey Goose, Kettle One and Patron Silver. And if you’re strapped for cash, the bar now accepts credit cards. The bar opens one hour before the show and during intermission (and you can pre-order drinks before the show so that they’ll be waiting for you at intermission). 

Talented set designer Tom Buderwitz created the new look, which features classic back bar shelving, faux-marble countertops, LED lighting and a plasma TV screen. This aesthetically pleasing atmosphere also features portraits of some of SCR’s most famous playwrights, giving you the chance to drink alongside the likes of George Bernard Shaw.

Playwright Portraits in the Lobby Bar

Take a look at SCR’s $5 drink specials that go along with the themes of its current and upcoming shows…

In the Next Room

Electric Lemonade
  ¾ oz. Light Rum
  ¾ oz. Blue Curacao
  1 oz. Sweet and Sour
  Top with Sprite, serve over ice

The Victorian
  1 shot Amaretto
  1 shot Bailey’s Irish Cream
  1 shot Vodka
  Stir together and serve over ice
Becky Shaw

The Manipulator
  1 ½ oz. Gin
  ½ oz. Sweet Vermouth
  2 drops Grenadine
  Shake with cracked ice & strain

Wild Night Out
  3 measures White Tequila
  2 measures Cranberry Juice
  1 measure Lime Juice
  Add ice and top with Club Soda

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