Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Compleat "Completeness"

Brooke Bloom, Karl Miller, Mandy Siegfried and Johnathan McClain
in Completeness.  Photo by Scott Brinegar.
On Friday, April 22, First Night of Completeness, subscribers and their guests were intrigued throughout the show—and beyond.   After thunderous applause, they headed for the Cast Party (sponsored by Pinot Provence in their restaurant at The Westin South Coast Plaza), still discussing the romantic comedy, its complex algorithms and equally complex—and often hilarious—relationships.  Their glowing reviews were later echoed by the critics:
  • “Dramatically compelling … refreshingly hilarious …” – LA Weekly 
  • “Pam MacKinnon steers the proceddings with grace and snap, aided by her warm, appealing cast …” – Variety
  • “A highly entertaining romantic comedy …” –  
  • “Enjoyable and brainy…” – StageSceneLA

Read more
about the Cast Party, complete with photos of First Nighters and their guests hobnobbing with the playwright, director and the young actors who bring their wonderfully nerdy characters to life.

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