Thursday, January 19, 2012

First Nighters Praise "Topdog/Underdog"

On January 13, when the curtain fell on First Night of Topdog/Underdog, the audience was initially stunned—and then standing—in a well-deserved ovation.  The Orange County Register’s theatre critic Paul Hodgins was among the theatregoers, and his column echoed their praise:  “This Topdog reaches into your heart and squeezes it, hard…  If you love theater’s ability to simultaneously move, inform and entertain you, this play is a must-see.”

Things weren’t quite as dramatic at the cast party, co-sponsored by Pinto Provence, but a few of the dark tones were captured in the red candlelight, red roses and theatrical lighting.  And, of course, there were playing cards scattered here and there, in case anyone wanted to deal a little 3-card monte, Topdog/Underdog’s ultimate con game.

Among the First Nighters greeting the artists and singing their praises were Honorary Producers Alan and Olivia Slutzky, who were also praised by the partygoers for their generous support of the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama.

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