Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Crowning Night for "The Prince of Atlantis"

When the curtain fell on First Night of The Prince of Atlantis on April 6, the audience stood and cheered—not just for the playwright, director, actors and designers but also for the play’s royal couple, Honorary Producers Yvonne and Damien Jordan.

The Jordans have been fervent supporters of The Prince of Atlantis since its staged reading at last year’s Pacific Playwrights Festival.  “We were so excited to see Steven’s beautiful work move from the PPF reading to a full-fledged production,” Yvonne said, “with excellent acting and superb staging.”

Damien was equally enthusiastic.  “We were blown away by tonight’s performance.  It delivered the emotional highs and lows that life throws our way, with the right amount of humor—all under Warner’s dedicated and detailed direction.  We couldn’t have asked for more.”

They were perfectly in sync with the First Nighters, who assembled for the Cast Party at Scott’s Restaurant and Bar, where they toasted the artists with an “ocean drop” martini, the evening’s signature cocktail.

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  1. I was surprised, given their stage credits, that the vocal craft of Matthew Arkin and John Kapelos was so poor. Their high pitched, unbreathed delivery restricted their vocal variety, made every line come out the same, and very much detracted from the emotion of the writing. Sounded like TV sitcom, and not up to SCR standards.