Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Mythical Evening

In SCR’s production of Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice that opened on September 28, the mythic Underworld is a stunning place of talking stones, string houses and raining elevators.  There, according to Orange County Register critic Paul Hodgins, “The actors strike a fine balance between modern day familiarity and the … unreality of mythical figures.”

But at the Cast Party after the show, the actors were totally modern and happy to accept congratulations from audience members for their performances.

Honorary Producers Tom and Marilyn Sutton, who saw the show at an earlier preview were especially generous in their praise. “Wow, this was a real triumph!  So many things to astound and amaze … and the actors were great.”

First Nighters agreed as they sampled Greek fare by Mark’s Catering and sipped wine from the unique ready-to-serve “bottle” by Stacked Wines—celebrating the Argyros Stage’s season-opening show on a balmy night, beneath  a canopy of red lanterns.

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