Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Richard Doyle: From Merry Ghost to Gritty Cowboy

Onstage, SCR Founding Artist Richard Doyle merrily dons Victorian garb to portray The Spirit of Christmas Past in the 33rd annual production of SCR’s A Christmas Carol. On the screen, a bearded Doyle rides hell-bent for leather through the Old West with guns blazing.  And he practically steals the movie.

Heathens and Thieves is his new indie release, a noir western crime drama that has a little bit of everything—post-Gold Rush mania, fallout from the Civil War and the impact of Chinese immigration and some big chunks of moral indecision.  But there’s no shilly-shallying for Bill, Doyle’s single-minded drifter, a crafty fellow with a lust for riches.

In the end, dead bodies are strewn across the plains.  Is Bill’s among them?  Find out at the upcoming local screening at Chapman University, Dodge College’s Folino Theater, Sunday, Dec. 16, at 4 pm.  It’s free!

Currently, the movie can be streamed On-Demand just about everywhere and will be available to buy at Walmart and Redbox in December.

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