Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"The Motherf**ker with the Hat" in Other Words: Reviewers

Larry Bates, Tony Sancho and Christian Barillas in The Motherf**ker with the Hat.
Playgoers filled the house in the Julianne Argyros Stage for opening weekend of The Motherf**ker with the Hat. They were joined by area theatre reviewers, who came away with high praise for SCR’s production. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve said about the show:
Elisa Bocanegra and Tony Sancho
  •  The Orange County Register’s Paul Hodgins calls it “…edgy…raucous…a bumpy, obscene and exhilarating ride...undeniably entertaining.”
  • James Scarborough, in the Huffington Post says the play is “funny and tender…the dialogue is pyrotechnic.”
  • Eric Marchese, in Backstage, calls The Motherf**ker with the Hat  “ruthlessly funny” and adds it “pulls no punches.”
  • Charles McNulty, in the Los Angeles Times, says The Motherf**ker with the Hat is “exhilarating.”
  • Don Shirley, writing for LA Stage Times, says the show is “unusually original.” 
  •  Stage Scene LA: "Easily rivals Broadway's best"
  •  Garden Grove Journal: "Hilarious and touching"
  •  Daily Pilot: "Gripping ... with moments of outrageous hilarity"
  • Hollywood Reporter: "This crack production should please a wide spectrum of theatergoers"
  •  Theatre Times:"Honest and humorous"
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