Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Bold Blend of Alternative Theatre: SCRamble

Ten West. Photo by Cameron McIntyre.
Sit back for seven theatrical shorts. It’s SCRamble, South Coast Repertory’s evening of comedy, dance, puppetry and mask work, and more. In 10-minute increments, you’ll experience a bold new blend productions from some of Southern California’s most interesting artists.

SCRamble’s featured artists include:

Actors Circle Ensemble presents The Experiment, written by Melanie Wehrmacher and directed by Tamiko Washington. The performers are Sean Burgos and Alexa Giuffre. Founded in 2011, Actors Circle creates complex and engaging characters in a theatrical environment to provoke thought, freedom of artistic expression, innovative ideas.

Echo Hart Commons presents Josephine an excerpt from Hôtel de l’Avenir, a clown-cabaret written and performed by Alexis Macnab. Echo Hart is a Los Angeles-based “art engine” with a creative process that transforms, fuses, and defies the boundaries of genre and discipline.

Moving Arts presents SHE: an excerpt from The MosaicWonderland Project, directed by Vesna Hocevar. The project is an ongoing exhibition of short scenes and monologues that connect the visual and performing arts. Moving Arts developed the project in conjunction with SoCal artist Kimberly Jordan. Each scene is inspired by an art piece from Jordan's collection and simultaneously tells a story and captures the feeling of each art piece.

Rickerby Hinds present an excerpt from Dreamscape, written and directed by Rickerby Hinds. Through poetry, dance and beat-boxing, Dreamscape explores the life of Myeisha Mills (Tyisha Miller), a 19-year-old African American woman shot and killed by four Riverside, Calif., police officers. Dreamscape re-frames her death by following the trajectory and impact of the 12 bullets that struck her - each one triggering its own unique memory.

John Pick and The Smith and Martin Company present The Best of Craigslist, performed by Pick and developed with the help of directors Abigail Deser and Ian Forester. Craigslist is a web-series produced by Pick and Mike Hoy, taking ads from Craigslist and portraying the characters who post them. The Smith and Martin Company is a Los Angeles-based production company that develops and produces film, theatre and web content.

Ten West presents Ineffable, written and performed by Jon Monastero and Stephen Simon and directed by Bryan Coffee. Ten West is a Los Angeles-based physical comedy duo. Their work is influenced by clown, commedia dell’Arte, mime and dance. Both Monastero and Simon are active in the Cirque du Soleil clown database.

El Verde presents Night of the Kukaracha, written by Anthony Aguilar and directed by Alejandra Cisneros. It’s namesake is the superhero alter ego of Mexican immigrant factory worker Arturo Sanchez, whose adventures are chronicled in an episodic series of one-act and full-length productions. In this tale, El Verde faces the Kukaracha King. The performers are Anthony Aguilar, Jeremiah Ocañas, Juan Diego Ramirez, Oscar Basulto, and Angela Imperial.

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