Thursday, March 21, 2013

Reviews in the News, Reactions in Social Media: "The Whale"

Matthew Arkin and Blake Lindsley in The Whale.  Photo by Scott Brinegar.
Samuel D. Hunter’s The Whale is bringing playgoers and reviewers alike to the Julianne Argyros Stage. Both are praising the production and the acting ensemble. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve said about the show:

  • The Los Angeles Times says The Whale is “Funny … deeply moving” and “Impressively acted … superb.”
  • The Orange County Register calls The Whale a “perceptive and moving new play” that “shows immensity of spirit.”
  • Backstage says it’s “compelling.”
  • LA Splash praises the production, saying “ Martin Benson’s deft direction and playwright Hunter’s use of short scenes interspersed with blackouts help move the production at a fluidic speed without being rushed.”
  • StageSceneLA was “blown away by this absolutely brilliant, unexpectedly funny, devastating powerful new play.”
  • “Powerful. The actors were incredible!” –Ita, via Facebook
  • “One of the finest plays SCR has ever done.” –John, via Facebook
  • “I loved the play. I was blown away.” –Sara, via Facebook
  • “Matthew Arkin is so impressive in “The Whale.” –Sherry, via Twitter

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