Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Alice vs. Wonderland" Rocks!

Assistant Director/Music Director Brianna Beach, a longtime member of the Players ensemble,
has appeared in almost every show, and in A Christmas Carol (twice!)
SCR’s Teen Players will present Alice vs. Wonderland, directed by Hisa Takakuwa with music direction by Brianna Beach, in the Nicholas Studio over the next two weekends.

And Lewis Carroll would drop his monocle if he chanced to pop in during the run.  Not only is the story updated by Brendan Shea in what he calls a “re-mix,” with seven-year-old Victorian Alice now a teenager in a psychodelic world, it’s filled with culture that’s pop and music that’s rock—right off the charts.

Chosen by Hisa and Brianna, the play list will blow you away—and so will the show, in which Alice goes through six stages of adolescence, comes of age and learns who she really is.  It’s a compelling story of teenage angst, performed with vitality and verve.  Check it out.

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