Monday, July 29, 2013

The Summer Players in "Annie:" No One Ever Said it Was Going to Be Easy

Ben Susskind, Sarah Cocroft, Dylan Davies and Jaden Fogel join the cast of Annie.
The Summer Players production of Annie boasts the largest-ever cast—34 young actors, who won their roles through audition after at least a year in the Theatre Conservatory.  Most of them are old pros—students with SCR resumes that include two or more years of training, roles in previous Players shows and, for many, in A Christmas Carol.  With all that experience, when rehearsal begin, they know what to expect.

But what’s it like to be one of the new guys in a huge production where everyone has a vital part to play?  We asked that question of the four first-year students as they took a break from rehearsal.

All four cast members are part of the Annie ensemble, but each has at least one other role—and they all sing and dance as well as act. 

According to Ben Susskind (Al the Appleseller, Chauffeur), “There’s a lot to do, so much to put together that each one of us is working all the time.  But the rehearsals are so well organized that we can learn really fast—and it’s fun!”

For Jaden Fogel (Bert Healy) the experience is very different from what he’d imagined.  “I was surprised because we’re working on everything at the same time—acting, singing and dancing.  It’s stressful but I love the stress!”

It’s also longer than expected, according to Dylan Davies (Eddie, Producer).  “I was excited when I got cast in the show; I just didn’t know the rehearsals were going to last so long!  But I learned a lot in class during the year so I can put everything together—and I’m having fun.”

Sarah Cocroft (Star to Be) found out about the fun part from her sister, Lauren, a fifth-year student.  “I saw how much fun Lauren was having, and I finally decided to give it a try.  In this show, with all the music and dancing, everyone has so much to do, but I’m learning a lot—and I love it.”

Hard work… stress… long hours… a lot to do … and fun!  It all comes together when the Summer Players present Annie on the Julianne Argyros Stage, Saturday Aug. 10 and 17 and Sunday, Aug. 11 and 18 at 1 and p.m.

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