Monday, August 12, 2013

Get the Inside Scoop on "Annie" Part Two: We're Onstage!

The Summer Players’ production of Annie is up and running! Our student performers are having a blast performing onstage for their family, friends and SCR theatre-goers. After weeks of rehearsal, they are putting all they've learned out there for the world to see and are winning over audiences, earning the roar of applause after every show.

Before the show opened, we caught up with our cast bloggers to hear what they had to say about their Annie experience leading up to opening night.

SCR: What is the biggest thing you've learned, so far?
Rachel: "I've learned to take big risks and to have fun with my choices." 
Jamie: "…go for it! It doesn't matter if you make mistakes; you should make them loudly and proudly…every mistake is a learning opportunity." 
Guy: “…commit to every character choice.” 
Rachel: “The cool thing about acting is that you get to create your character anyway you want!”
Our bloggers in full costume and ready to take the stage!

SCR: What has been your favorite moment so far?
Rachel: "My dog Oliver is playing Sandy…he never stops amusing us." 
Guy: “He brings excitement to every cast member!” 
Jamie: “It’s one of my favorite feelings…holding our harmonies. It makes the song take on a new dimension.” 
Tejas: “Seeing all the little things fall together to create something powerful and funny.”

SCR: What has been the best part about working on Annie?
Tejas: “The camaraderie of everyone…”  
Rachel: “Definitely getting to work with people of all ages and experiences.” 
Jamie: “The age range [of student actors] is almost 10 years. Getting to connect with so many people…it’s a wonderful experience.”
Guy: “The best part is the staff. We have the best director, musical director, stage manager and costume/set designer.” 
Tejas: “It couldn't happen if everyone wasn't working together.”

Here's a quick peek at the Annie gang singing "Tomorrow." 
Can you spot our bloggers among the ensemble?
More next week with our Annie bloggers! 

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The Annie Bloggers
Guy, age 16
Jamie, age 14
Rachel, age 15
Tejas, age 13

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  1. I cheer these student performers learning about acting and having a good time at it, too! I saw one of these student performances at SCR several years ago and enjoyed it a lot.