Monday, December 2, 2013

Go Behind the Scenes with Our Young Actors

(top row) Grace O'Brien, Lindsay Elizabeth Frazin, Christopher Delfino
(bottom row) Jaden Fogel, Thomas McCarthy, Maddy Nickless, Jillian Tabon, Caitlyn Roum.

Meet Our Bloggers

Christopher Delfino (Turkey Boy), age 13. Christopher first began acting in another Christmas play when he was in the third grade. He first caught the acting bug while performing in the play How to Eat Like a Child and has been studying at SCR for two years.

Jaden Fogel (Young Ebenezer/Oliver), age 14. Jaden has been acting for three years and makes his A Christmas Carol debut. This past summer he performed in SCR’s Summer Players’ production of Annie.

Lindsay Elizabeth Frazin (Fan/Teen Girl), age 16. Lindsay began taking classes at SCR when her older sister was cast in SCR’s A Christmas Carol as Martha Cratchit and has been a part of the Conservatory for three years. A Christmas Carol will be her first time performing in a play.

Thomas McCarthy (Turkey Boy), age 11. Thomas has been studying acting at SCR for two years and A Christmas Carol will be his first ever play to perform in.

Maddy Nickless (Girl About Town), age 12. Madison started acting when she was five years old and has been performing in community theatre and studying acting with SCR for four years.

Grace O’Brien (Martha Cratchit), age 16. Grace has been acting for seven years, since she started studying in SCR’s conservatory. She has since been in many plays and even played Belinda Cratchit in A Christmas Carol five years ago.

Caitlyn Roum (A Girl About Town), age 9. Caitlyn has been acting for three years and studying acting at SCR for two. In three years, she has performed in five plays with Newport Beach Theatre Arts and her school Davis Magnet School.

Jillian Tabone (Belinda Cratchit), age 10. Jillian started acting when she was six years old and has been studying acting at SCR for three years. She was previously in a production of A Christmas Carol at her school.
Every holiday season in SCR's A Christmas Carol, the young characters—from Tiny Tim to the Crachits—are portrayed by students from SCR's Young Conservatory program. These young actors audition for the the chance to be cast in the show, perform with professional actors and in front of thousands of audience members. For many of them A Christmas Carol will be a new experience and they'll be sharing the experience with us a long the way thorough rehearsals, performances and after the show ends.

Congratulations on being cast in A Christmas Carol! Now that you’re in the cast, what are you most looking forward to from this experience?
Caitlyn: I am so excited to be in A Christmas Carol! I still can’t believe that I am in it! I am looking forward to acting with the adults and being in a professional play.
Maddy: And learning from them, so I can be better at acting.
Jillian: Being able to perform for a large audience.
Grace: I'm looking forward to seeing all the pieces we've been working on come together. I can't wait to share the amazing story with an audience!

What are you currently working on in rehearsals?
Thomas: We are currently rehearsing Fezziwig's party scene!
Grace: We've been working on developing our characters and making them appropriate for the time period.
Lindsay: We've been working frequently with the choreographer to perfect our waltz and a couple of other period dances.

What has it been like balancing school and rehearsals simultaneously?
Jillian: It is difficult at times
Maddy: It is tiring for me, but it keeps me energetic and happy during the day because I have something to look forward to at the end of school.
Jaden: I actually bring my script to school and review my lines and blocking.
Christopher: I get up at 6 a.m. to finish homework I didn't complete the night before.
Grace: It's been a challenge rehearsing and trying to finish my work for five Advance Placement classes. You just learn how to be really organized and function on little sleep, but it's worth it!

What is one important thing you've learned so far in rehearsals?
Caitlyn: I've learned that the two most important phrases are, "BAH HUMBUG!" and "God bless us everyone!"
Thomas: I also learned the adult actors are funny and like to joke around at rehearsal.
Lindsay: One thing I've learned, especially in playing "polar opposite" personalities in the show (Fan and Teen Girl) is that you must be confident in the choices you make as an actor, and not be afraid of taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone.
Jaden: Sometimes your nerves cause you to become somebody you're not and fool around. I've learned how to get past it.
Christopher: The one thing that has been the most interesting is all the dancing. I didn't know how to do any of these dances and now I’m doing them on stage.
Maddy: When in doubt, skip it out!

See our bloggers in A Christmas Carol beginning November 29-December 26. Buy your tickets now!

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