Friday, July 25, 2014

See Neverland From the Inside!

Go behind the scenes in Neverland with our Peter Pan cast bloggers! Our student-actor bloggers will catch you up each week, sharing their experiences with the production—from rehearsals to performances. Meet our bloggers:

Kelsey Bray, age 15, portrays Nibs and is excited to find her inner seven year old and portray that part of herself to the audience. Fun fact: “I am a klutz and whenever you see me I will have bruises all over my legs from running into objects and falling and tripping over myself all the time.”

Rachel Charny, age, 16, portrays Tiger Lily and is excited to be working on this show because of the “the magic of the story and the idea that no one is ever too old to have a young spirit.” Fun Fact: last summer her dog played Sandy in the Summer Players production of Annie.

Christopher Huntley, age 16, portrays Peter Pan and is excited to work on building his stamina for such an immense production. Fun fact: Christopher is one of four brothers who have all had at least two years of training at SCR.

Sean Kato, age 10, portrays Otis and is excited for the opportunity to work with actors he’s seen in shows time and time again. Fun fact: Sean biked over the Golden Gate Bridge when he was six years old.

Maddy Nickless, age 13, portrays Thundering Waterfall and is excited about many things, especially getting to do the battle scene against the pirates. Fun fact: “I can eat the most extreme sour candy there is without puckering!”

Emme O’Toole, age 13, portrays Jane and an Indian and is excited to perform the big Indian dance numbers in the show and getting to showcase Indian body language and many different dance moves.  Fun fact: “I love baking cookies!”

Jamie Ostmann, age 15, portrays Slightly Soiled and is excited to relive the story of Peter Pan—she was in another production of Peter Pan when she was nine years old. Fun fact: Jamie’s first Summer Players show at SCR was Peter Pan, six years ago—she played Michael Darling.

Ben Susskind, age 12, portrays 1st Twin and is excited to make new friends and learn more about the story of Peter Pan from a new meaning and direction. Fun fact: He wrote, directed and starred in a play performed by his kindergarten class.

Read the first blog here from actor-student bloggers Christopher Huntley, Ben Susskind and Emme O’Toole!

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