Tuesday, April 21, 2015

"Mr. Wolf" Dramatically Closes the Season on the Julianne Argyros Stage

After the applause died down on April 17, First Night of Mr. Wolf, everyone walked quietly out to Ela's Terrace, sharing thoughts about the moving psychological drama by Rajiv Joseph.

Carl Neisser, SCR emeritus trustee and member of the Playwrights Circle (the group of underwriters who helped produce the world premiere), summed up his feelings. "When the first act of this marvelous drama was ending, you could hear a pin drop, because we were all on our chair's edge. Mr. Wolf was one of the best plays in the 51 years I have attended SCR."

During the evening, First Nighters and their guests gathered at tables draped with white linen to sup late night fare by Crème de la Crème. White lights, wrapped around trees and twinkling overhead, created an atmosphere reminiscent of the play's celestial sphere. Soon, the actors and other artists joined the party to accept the playgoers' heartfelt praise, which was echoed through the weekend by reviewers.

"Tears at the fabric of deep emotions—and of the universe." — OC Register

"Joseph's script...possesses a multilayered dimensionality which matches the brilliance of the actors." — LA Splash

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