Thursday, August 25, 2011

It’s Called What Again?

Cecilia Fannon has been teaching playwriting at SCR for about 12 years. (She now teaches screenwriting as well.) During that time, she’s encountered some pretty funny/weird/intriguing play and movie titles. We asked her to list a few of the more memorable ones:

Gone to Hell, Will Write by Ray Jacob
Kill the Pig by Ron Hoefer
Widows of November by Anne Grob
Briefing the Heart by Lauren Dunn
Stoney Baloney by Hannah Holden
Mohammed's Moon by Dale Andersen
The Gods That Never Were by Ken Kanouse
Liq Ho by Donna Hedman
Limboland by Alan Witchey

Of Limboland, Cecilia says: "This title derives from a preacher's experience being swallowed and shat out of a silver dung beetle. Hilarious play that had a reading on the Queen Mary, with me at the helm."

And she recalls Gone to Hell, Will Write as an absurdist comedy in which the protagonist is shot at the end of Act One—with a banana.

Writing Students: Remember any more good ones? You can post them in the comments.

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