Monday, August 8, 2011

Moments in the Woods

by Valentina Gehley and Julia Ostmann

About a week before a show opens, the cast and crew begin technical rehearsals. These rehearsals are often the first time the actors have ever stood on the set, worn their costumes or handled their props—the first time they’ve performed with sound or light cues. Two teen members of our Summer Players—Valentina Gehley and Julia Ostmann—kept a log of the first day of tech for Into the Woods, which opened last weekend and continues through Sunday. Check it out and get a peek behind the scenes…

Members of the cast gather
around the vending machine.
Alyse Russell (Giant/The Harp) and
Allison Baayoun (Snow White) get
set up in their new dressing room.
12:28 p.m. Cast members arrive, squealing as they discover their dressing room assignments.  Next stop?  The vending machine, conveniently located across from the boys’ dressing room.

12:37 We trek through the new, awe-inspiring set (thanks designer Sara Clement!) and sit in the theater.  Director Hisa Takakuwa and Musical Director Erin McNally give us notes – comments and adjustments for our performances.

Rapunzel, meet your tower!
Lindsey Wiercioch reacts to
her imprisonment.
Chaney Lieberman, Blaze Whiting, and
Mitchell Huntley (Three Little Pigs)
chill backstage.
12:38 The amazing set is a little distracting.  “Look it’s Rapunzel’s hair!” says Valentina Gehley (Narrator).  “Why is it green?” asks Jamie Ostmann (Hen).  “That’s the beanstalk you guys…” says Erin.

12:49 Rapunzel’s tower makes its first appearance!  “Go climb it bro!  Good luck!” says Cinderella’s Prince (Jordan Bellow) to his brother, Rapunzel’s Prince (Nick Slimmer).

12:52 Released back to the dressing rooms – costumes have arrived!! Entire cast crowds the hallway to check out each other’s costumes. Thanks again, designer Sara!

Jamie Ostmann (Hen that lays golden eggs),
Lindsey Wiercioch (Rapunzel), and
Katie Haas (Little Red Ridinghood)
hold prop babies.
1:15 “Once upon a time…” says The Narrator (Valentina Gehley). And the work-through of the show begins!

Lauren Cocroft (Granny), Lindsey
Wiercioch (Rapunzel), and Alyse
Russell (Harp) model their costumes.
2:05 “Going dark!”  Lighting designer Benjamin Weill shouts before lowering the lights.  He tries out different levels and effects while we rehearse.

2:49 Cast members hang out in the dressing rooms and the hallway, listening for their cues over the monitor.  A lot of tech week is waiting!

Brianna Beach (Witch) and
Kailyn Dunkelman (Cinderella) hang out
in the dressing room.
3:50 Working the blocking of “Hello Little Girl” with the Wolf (Connor Dugard) and Little Red Riding Hood (Katie Haas). “What is motivating the twirls you do in the song, Katie?” asks Erin. “A sugar high,” says Katie.

4:35 In the middle of singing “It Takes Two,” the Baker (Akshay Sharma) drops his props: Rapunzel’s hair, a knife, and a stalk of corn. Fits of laughter ensue!

5:30 Finishing the Act I finale and starting Act II.  It’s always encouraging to reach a big milestone!

6:03 Time to get out of costume!

Get more information and tickets to Into the Woods here.

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