Thursday, August 9, 2012

Places! Places! … for SCR's Production of "Setting the Stage"

On September 8, when the curtain goes up on “Setting the Stage,”  South Coast Repertory’s 2012 Gala Ball, it also rises on the theatrical and social seasons in Orange County.  And everyone is ready in the wings for a stellar opening—Saturday, September 8, at the Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa.

Here’s what the Gala co-chairs have planned for “Setting the Stage” …

Beth Phelps, Gala Chair:  “At our final committee
meeting, I was wowed by updates from
the co-chairs—what a great job they’ve done!”
Pam Muzzy, Co-chair, Graphics:  “Beginning
with the very theatrical invitation—complete
with sets, costumes, lights and sound…”
Laurie Staude, Co-chair, Hospitality:  “We’ll be
waiting for our cue to greet partygoers and
send them on their theatrical adventure.”
Olivia Johnson, Co-chair, Entertainment:   “From the
backstage reception to the onstage ball (with
dancing to the beat of J.T. and the California
Dreamin’ ), our guests will be the stars.”
Sophie Cripe, Co-chair, Décor:  “Wait until you see
the sets for our production!  And look up:  real
props will be ‘flying’ overhead!”
Elaine Weinberg, Co-chair, Cuisine:  “There’ll be filet
mignon…and Maine lobster…and a grilled
vegetable bundle …
Bette Aitken, Co-chair, Cuisine:  “And the signature
drink—Stage Door Johnnie, a secret concoction
that will match one of our theme colors—purple or
Mimi Holcombe, Chair, Underwriting:  “Orange
County’s movers and shakers will be ‘Setting the
Stage’ for SCR’s first hit of the 2012-13 Season. 
We invite you to share the spotlight with them!    

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