Friday, August 3, 2012

"Seussical" Cast Has a Great Day

Choreographer Kelly Todd works with the cast.
At their first full run-through on SCR’s Argyros Stage on August 3, Seussical Director Hisa Takakuwa and Musical Director Erin McNally were all smiles—and no wonder, after three weeks of rehearsals for the Summer Players’ biggest musical ever, according to Hisa, everything came together beautifully.

“It’s always a joy for the cast to get on stage as we fit all elements together.  We call the first run a ‘stumble through’ but we all kept our footing!”

Musical Director Erin McNally
Director Hisa Takakuwa.

Musical Director Erin McNally and Assistant Director Jordan Bellow, right, work with Nick Slimmer (Cat in the Hat).

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