Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Get Into the “Act” This Summer

Could you do it—be an actor? South Coast Repertory gives you the perfect opportunity to find out through summer acting classes for kids, teens and adults.

SCR’s Theatre Conservatory is a great way to learn how acting can help not only creative expression, but build confidence and self-esteem.

“The two-week commitment from kids and teens gives them a chance to see what acting and theatre are all about,” says Hisa Takakuwa, conservatory director. “It’s a great experience for kids who enjoy expressing themselves and for those who may be shy and would like to come out of their shell in an environment that is safe and supportive.”

The Summer Acting Workshops for kids and teens include voice, movement and character development.

Each day includes about two hours of acting work with a “home room” teacher, where  age-specific groups learn together. A guest artist joins the students for a “Putting It Together” workshop that explores the process of creating a theatre production, from the script and casting, through design and rehearsal and finally to the actual production. The emphasis is on how the process works, rather than creating a show.

At the end of the sessions, students share what they’ve learned with an audience made up of their family and friends. It’s a chance to share the learning process with parents and give some insight into how SCR’s Theatre Conservatory works.

Specialty courses for teens include musical theatre and teen improv. Classes for kids and teens start July 13 and July 27.

Kids and teens can also enroll in fall acting classes, building on what they learned during the summer.

In SCR classes for adults, many people take them to become more comfortable and confident in public speaking situations or meetings.

“We have a number of attorneys who take our improv classes because that helps them think on their feet and learn to trust their instincts. 

“I had one student tell me that she wished she had started taking classes as a child because her self confidence in social situations was always low,” recalls Takakuwa. “She felt that just taking the beginning acting class built up her confidence so much.”

Acting classes include fundaments of acting, scene study and improvisation.

Summer session for adults runs June 16-Aug. 4.

Learn more and register.

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