Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pacific Playwrights Festival Attracts SCR's Most Fervent Supporters

The most successful weekend in history of the Pacific Playwrights Festival (PPF) officially began on Thursday, April 23rd with a group shot of all the participants—artists, artisans and staff—to commemorate their weeks of work The next day, Honorary Producers and Friends of SCR joined a throng of theatre professionals who came from across the country to see (as advertised!) “seven plays in three days!”

Among the most enthusiastic were the four couples who helped underwrite the weekend of plays, programs and parties: Yvonne and Damien Jordan, Sue and John Murphy, Tom Rogers and Sally Anderson and Tod and Linda White. They led the applause after each reading and didn’t miss a moment of the fun. But they weren’t alone.

Fervent supporters of PPF over the years were back in force. Among them, Vicki de Reynal, whose specially-made “I love SCR” t-shirt was the favorite fashion statement, second only to another de Reynal t-shirt emblazoned with the Hirschfeld drawing of Founding Artistic Directors David Emmes and Martin Benson—who were also there, in the flesh.

Two former board presidents were spotted with their wives: Tom Sutton (with Marilyn) and Tom Phelps (with Beth), and one current board president with her husband, Sophie and Larry Cripe. Board members (present and past) were everywhere, including Sam Tang, new to the board this season, with his wife Tammy; Olivia Johnson who never fails to miss an SCR-sponsored event; and Laurie Smits Staude who misses very few. Nola Schneer drove in from her home in the desert and Barbara Roberts was joined by her daughter Brooke, visiting from Florida.

Barbara Van Holt (who once acted at SCR) brought her friend Carolyn Weinberger and former SCR Marketing Director Marcia Lazer came down from San Francisco. Other Friends of SCR included Hedda Marosi and her son Marc, Jene Witte and Diane and Chimo Arnold.

And those were only the ones we got pictures of. If you were also at PPF weekend and plan to attend in the future, let us know—and we’ll take your photo next time!

Having trouble viewing the slideshow? Try watching it here.

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