Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bringing Clarity to Sound

Literary Associate Kat Zukaitis modeling receivers with built in and removable earbuds.
South Coast Repertory has made it even easier for patrons to hear what’s happening on stage. The
newly upgraded assisted listening system allows for crisper sound and is receiving great feedback already.

Powered by Listen Technologies, SCR’s assistive listening devices help bring clarity to sound and allows full enjoyment of every moment of the performance. The device delivers a rich, personalized sound from any seat in the house and can work in conjunction with a personal hearing device.

Kat Zukaitis modeling the ListenLoop.
SCR continues to offer headset receivers with built-in earbuds and receivers that allow you to plug in your own headphones. For added convenience, use the ListenLoop, which is able to plug directly and discreetly into any personal hearing device or cochlear implants that have telecoil technology. No extra equipment is needed!

How to Request a Device: Assisted listening devices may be checked out from the concession stand of the stage you are attending. For Nicholas Studio productions, check out a device from the Segerstrom concession area. There is no cost: a valid driver's license will be held until the unit has been returned.

The devices are simple to operate:  Plug in an earpiece, if necessary, then simply tap the power button to turn it on. The receiver is worn like a necklace. The knob on the top adjusts the volume.

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