Thursday, January 28, 2016

CGA: A Gift that Keeps on Giving

Phyllis and Larry Hogle
What in the world is a CGA?

We’re glad you asked, because of the many giving options available to South Coast Repertory supporters, a CGA (translated: Charitable Gift Annuity) is one of the most advantageous for all concerned—a gift that benefits the donors through fixed payments for life and then reverts to the charitable partner, in this case SCR’s endowment.

Just ask Larry and Phyllis Hogle, generous supporters who recently established a CGA through the theatre.

The Hogles have three passions in their retirement: South Coast Repertory, the Zoological Society of San Diego—and travel (which they plan around their activities in Costa Mesa and San Diego). According to Larry, “We’ve established CGAs at the Zoological Society, and after so many years of play-going at SCR, we’re happy to be able to establish one here—and encourage others to follow suit. It definitely benefits both the donors and the theatre.”

The Hogle’s gift—along with CGAs established by other supporters—will eventually be added to the endowment, a permanent fund that helps SCR commission and produce adventurous new plays, keep ticket prices low and provide free tickets to at-risk young people.

Charitable Gift Annuity
A Type of Deferred Gift that Pays You and Your Spouse Income for Life

An SCR Charitable Gift Annuity pays fixed income to you (and a spouse) for your lifetime(s). A portion of the annual income may be tax exempt. The amount of the annual income is based on your age (and your spouse’s age) and the size of the gift. In addition, you will receive a sizeable charitable income tax deduction. The annuity terminates at the end of your lifetime(s) and the remainder becomes a gift to the theatre. A SCR Gift Annuity can be established with a transfer of cash from savings accounts, certificates of deposit, or retirement plans. Appreciated stocks and mutual fund shares can be an ideal way to fund a gift annuity. As with all financial planning, please consult your legal representative or tax advisor regarding your personal circumstances. SCR does not provide tax or legal advice, but welcomes the opportunity to work with you and your professional advisors. For more information about deferred gifts, including a gift annuity, contact Director of Development Susan Reeder by phone at (714) 708-5518 or email
These are very important objectives for Larry and Phyllis. But their CGA is only the most recent way they’ve chosen to support SCR. Beginning as Friends of SCR in 1989, they have increased their support through the years, with benefits added at each level.

“To be honest, for a long time, we didn’t know about the specific benefits of giving to SCR,” Larry says. “We just increased our donation through the years—and got invited to more and more events!”

Among the events they’ve taken advantage of are Inside the Season discussions (Friends of SCR benefit), First Night dinners (Silver Circle and above), technical rehearsals (Golden Circle and above), NewSCRipts readings and the end-of-season Soirée (Platinum Circle and above). 

As Oregonians (both are graduates of Oregon State University and life members the OSU alumni association), the Hogles arrived in Orange County with no theatre background. “None at all!“ Larry says. “That’s why our favorite SCR benefit is Inside the Season. It has been a great learning experience for us. We’re constantly amazed to find out so much about the theatre, from stage managing to sets, sound, lights—everything that goes on behind the scenes.’

“We also attend NewSCRipts readings and go to the Pacific Playwrights Festival when we’re in town.” Phyllis said, adding, “that’s a lot of plays—seven in three days, and we see them all!”

Besides readings, festivals, discussions, dinners, parties and all the other perks they enjoy as donors, the Hogles subscribe to both the Segerstrom and Julianne Argyros Stages. “We plan our travel around the SCR Season, so we won’t miss any plays,” Phyllis says.

And they never do. Here are some of their top choices:

What is your favorite new play produced at SCR?
That would be Chinglish! We’ve travelled to China a couple of times, and we’ve seen all those signs in fractured English so we really enjoyed that play.
Austin Ku, Celeste Den, Vivian Chiu, Alex Moggridge and Michelle Krusiec in South Coast Repertory's 2012 production of Chinglish by David Henry Hwang. Photo by Henry DiRocco/SCR.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Which play made you cry? If not cry, at least tear-up!
Two plays, which are also among our favorites, The Whale and Wit.

Which made you laugh the most?
This season already—One Man, Two Guvnors and The Madwoman in the Volvo.

Among the actors seen frequently at SCR, who are your favorites?
We have many favorites, but Richard Doyle and Linda Geringher top the list.

What is your favorite SCR play of all time?
It’s impossible to choose one. But in addition to those mentioned above, two others that stand out are Shipwrecked! An Entertainment and The Fantasticks.

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