Thursday, February 6, 2014

Light Shines in the Piazza and at the Party

There was a gorgeous luminescence in the air on January 31, First Night of The Light in the Piazza.  It filled the stage and still shone brightly at the Cast Party, co-sponsored by Antonello Ristorante, where artists and underwriters were bathed in its glow.

And the underwriters spoke for everyone in their praise…

Honorary Producer Laurie Smits Staude:  "The Light in the Piazza magically had the audience leaving the theater with a smile and with a lighter heart. SCR's production is as beautiful as it gets.  The skill of the actors and the fine tuning of the direction, sound, and lights as well as the beauty of the set and the fun of the 80 costumes make SCR's production a JOY.”

Honorary Producers Joan and Andy Fimiano:  “Fabulous musical arrangements, great casting and high energy performances … A moving story we can all relate to. and for non-Italian speakers, the actors conveyed the words through body language and emotion. We and our four guests loved every minute!”

Honorary Corporate Producer Haskell & White LLP, Partner-in-Charge, Audit and Business Advisory Services Group, Rick Smetaka: “We had a wonderful time and the production—as usual—was simply terrific! The combination of masterful singing, a brilliant chamber orchestra and playful costuming and staging made for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Congratulations on another great production!”

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