Monday, April 28, 2014

Nostalgic Party Follows "Five Mile Lake"

Five Mile Lake, a world premiere by Rachel Bonds, was greeted warmly on First Night and generated nostalgic conversation after the show.  Its universal theme about those who stay and those who leave (their hometowns) had playgoers reminiscing over what those decisions meant to their lives.

Leading the discussion were members of the Playwrights Circle, who underwrote the show.  Also joining in, as they accepted congratulations, were the playwright herself and director Daniella Topol, as well as the actors, including the two brothers, Jamie who stayed (played by Nate Mooney), and Rufus who moved away (played by Corey Brill).

Everyone agreed that the play was not only a conversation starter but an important addition to the theatrical season.  There was further agreement that the party—hosted by The Center Club—was the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

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