Friday, April 26, 2013

"The Parisian Woman," Political Intrigue From Beau Willimon

Beau Willimon’s The Parisian Woman features an outstanding cast, costumed to the nines on a glorious set that looks like it was transported directly from one of the elegant row houses on Capitol Hill—where the play takes place.  All this was made possible in part by members of The Playwrights Circle, some of SCR’s most dedicated theatre-goers, who get together each season to underwrite a world premiere.

The Circle’s membership changes and evolves from season to season, including this time Chase McLaughlin, Nancy and Mike Meyer, Patricia and Carl Neisser, Robert Palmer, Barbara Roberts, Mary Ann Brown and Rick Reiff, Olivia and Alan Slutzky, Laurie Smits Staude, Tom Taylor, Marci Maietta Weinberg and Bill Weinberg, Linda and Tod White and Vina Williams and Tom Slattery.

These Honorary Producers partied twice on First Night of The Parisian Woman, gathering before the show at a salon in the Nicholas Studio (where the playwright and Director Pam MacKennon joined Dramaturg Kelly Miller for a brief seminar with the underwriters) and afterwards at Mikimoto in South Coast Plaza (where they joined party-goers to celebrate another hit by the author of Farragut North, The Ides of March and “House of Cards.”)

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