Monday, April 15, 2013

Who's Who in "Smokefall

From The Colonel to Max, here’s a quick way to see and meet the outstanding cast for Noah Haidle’s Smokefall.
Violet’s father, age 77. Works jigsaw puzzles, asks questions, walked by the dog, has trouble remembering things.
Portrayed by Orson Bean
Violet’s husband.
Dapper businessman.
Packs a mean briefcase.
Portrayed by Corey Brill
A housewife, VERY pregnant with twins. Mixes a mean batch of scrambled eggs.
Portrayed by Heidi Dippold

Violet and Daniel’s daughter; doesn’t speak. Eats weird things, like dirt; drinks weird things, like paint. Loves her parents, her grandfather, and the twins her mother carries.
Portrayed by Carmela Corbett
A dog who forgot how to bark;
suffers from an impossible,
unrequited love.  
Portrayed by Max

A man who narrates;
looks cool in the hat.
Portrayed by Leo Marks

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